Bad Day for a Balloon Ride // Game

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor2


Bad Day for a Balloon Ride is an upcoming mobile game from Chaos Created. It uses engaging gameplay mechanics and contains captivating environments and characters to offer a fun and challenging experience.

My role

Art Director, Character and Background Designer, Rigger, Animator

The assets were created in Photoshop, Corel Painter, with some help from Filter Forge, Modo and Keyshot

The rigging process involved converting 2D assets to custom meshes, skinning, creating IK constraints, and using free form deformation in Esoteric Spine.

The environments were assembled in Unity game engine.

Other Credits

Developer: Ali Maggs
Sound Effects and Music: Andrea Possee
Writer: Ari Abraham

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor7

In the Pirate level, a cheeky monkey and grotty pirates on ships and land test your dodging skills by attempting to take your balloon down.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor8

Other characters in the Pirate level. A quirky octopus gets annoyed when your balloon passes by and lazily swings a tentacle at it. You have to watch out for the water blows of the depressed whale, the massive bites from the jumping shark and other obstacles.

Octopus tentacles

Keeping it light. With only the elements on the left I made these tentacles.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor28

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor29

Creepy characters and environment for Cave level.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor11

Meteorites, fireballs and bursting lava in Apocalyptic level.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor26

Emblematic retro style characters and environment for Futuristic level.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor27

Development of building in the Futuristic level. Digital sculpting in ZBrush, rendering in Keyshot, filters applied in Filter Forge, and finally the paint over in Photoshop.