Pancake Panic // Game

Pancake Panic is a mobile made in collaboration with Ali Maggs at Chaos Created. I designed the chef and backgrounds in Photoshop, and rigged and animated the chef in Spine. The game is being used to teach UK primary school pupils how to code as part of Chaos Creative coding workshops. The goal is to stack as many pancakes as you can before the time runs out. Clock and strawberry power-ups give time bonuses and score banking.

Pancake panic 1

Pancake panic 2

Animating the face expressions was done by swapping the heads, instead of Free Form Deformation, which requires defining 2D meshes and assigning weights. Spine is still a bit rudimentary on that front. The other moving elements are done with cut-out animation techniques. I only used FFD to make the pancakes wobble.

Pancake panic 3

Painting the faces was done quite methodically.

Pancake panic 4