Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. Here is a selection of my work. For more in-depth information, see the Projects page.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor2

Prehistoric reptiles, pterodactyls and cavemen in Jurassic level of Bad Day for a Balloon Ride game made at Chaos Created. I designed and rendered the characters, environments and assets of this game using Photoshop, Corel Painter, Filter Forge, Modo and Keyshot. I rigged (converted the 2D assets to custom meshes, skinned to skeletons, created IK constraints, used free form deformation where appropriate) and animated them in Esoteric Spine. Finally, I assembled all the environments in Unity game engine. More details here.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor3

Promotional artwork for Splemy game made at FormerDroid. Enhanced representations for each of the three game chapters, which were also adapted as screen savers for mobile phones and as vertical banner for print. Designed and digitally painted in Photoshop, Corel Painter and Filter Forge. For part of the work, I modeled 3D assets in Maya and rendered in Keyshot to use as base for digital painting. More details here.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor16

Langeroo Adventures educational mini game. Oysters at the bottom of the ocean release air bubbles containing letters. The player has to tap on the correct ones to spell given words. The characters react depending on the answer. More details here.

Splemy in-game

Unity in-game environments for Splemy game. I created the environments for all 75 levels of this award winning game, making the initial visual concept more rich and sophisticated.

Forestry Stills_00004

Animated explainer for Forestry Commission Scotland. Illustrator and After Effects. Read more. Video here.

Vanitas - study after Pieter Claesz

Study after “Vanitas” by Dutch Golden Age painter Pieter Claesz (1597-1660), made in gouache with egg yolk on gessoed board.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor4

Lethal cyborg shark, malefic octopus, vicious eel, exploding mines and dangerous submarines in Underwater level of Bad Day for a Balloon Ride game. Designed and painted in Photoshop, rigged and animated in Spine, assembled in Unity.

Splemy - Ch2

Splemy - Ch3

Splemy - Ch1

Promotional artwork for Splemy game.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor28

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor29

Creepy but fun characters and environment for Cave level in Bad Day for a Balloon Ride game.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor7

In the Pirate level of Bad Day for a Balloon Ride game, a cheeky monkey and grotty pirates on ships and land test your dodging skills by attempting to take your balloon down. Designed and painted in Photoshop, rigged and animated in Spine, assembled in Unity.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor25

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor26

Emblematic retro style characters and environment for Futuristic level in Bad Day for a Balloon Ride game.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor27

Example of development stages for a building in the Futuristic level of Bad Day for a Balloon Ride game. You can see in order the digital sculpting in ZBrush, the render in Keyshot, the filtered applied in Filter Forge, and finally the paint over in Photoshop.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor8

Other characters in the Pirate level. A cute and quirky octopus gets annoyed when your balloon passes by and lazily swings a tentacle at it. You have to watch out for the water blows of the depressed whale, the massive bites from the jumping shark and other obstacles.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor21

Bad Taste Bears – crowdfunding campaign for a game with the well established figurine. Designed in Illustrator.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor9

The dreamy, fairy tale like Hillside level in Bad Day for a Balloon Ride.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor10

3D modeling, sculpting, rigging and animation in Maya and ZBrush for a wee short animated film.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor15

Langeroo Adventures, the second major project I worked on at Chaos Created, is a suite of educational mini games for children. In this mini game, the player has to correctly pick the word matching the picture in the sleeping turtle’s dream cloud.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor22

Assets and icons for Connected Scotland project. Designed in Illustrator.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor20

Two mini-games in Langeroo Adventures which teach shapes and spelling. The giraffe has to eat the correct shape, while the crab picks letters falling down the waterfall.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor11

Meteorites, fireballs and bursting lava in Apocalyptic level of Bad Day for a Ballon Ride game.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor18

Teaching various words suggested by the monkey’s behavior and expressions.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor12

One of the satellite assets for Space level, modeled and rendered in Modo, painted over in Photoshop.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor13

Sample from Space level. Player has to dodge satellites and alien space ships opening fire.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor14

Thrifty chef, but them pancakes keep falling. Pancake Panic is a game developed in a week. I designed the character, background and assets in Photoshop, Corel Painter and Filter Forge. Rigged and animated in Spine. Assembled in Unity.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor17

Player smashes a coconut and counts the bugs inside.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor19

Player directs lemur to walk, run and jump from branch to branch in order to pick the correct items.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor23

Achievement icons and overworld assets for Splemy game. Designed in Photoshop.

Portfolio - Alex Nechifor30

Penguin with massive appetite. Bonus game in Langeroo Adventures. Player slides the penguin to catch fish jumping from the water.